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Who Lost America?: Can America's Democratic Identity And Government Survive Our Ethical, Political, and Economic Failures?

A book by Bromwell Ault

Who Lost America?: Can America's Democratic Identity And Government Survive Our Ethical, Political, and Economic Failures?
by Bromwell Ault
304 pages; Publisher: AuthorHouse (December 19, 2011)
ISBN: 978-1-46347-444-7
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With the publication of Who Lost America?: Can America's Democratic Identity And Government Survive Our Ethical, Political, and Economic Failures? (published by AuthorHouse), author and political analyst Bromwell Ault returns to the field he first tilled in his earlier work, Eminent Disdain, warning readers of the failures of the U.S. political system and its institutions.

Ault's primary focus of attention is on, as he says, "... the increasing failure of our government to deal with major issues and represent the will of the people." This failure, he argues, grows out of decades of decay brought on by the influence of socialist and communist influences, and the advancement in power of politicians more interested in selfish advancement than selfless statesmanship."

Another of his warnings is against the infiltration of special-interest groups that are corrupting traditional, Constitutionally-based values for their own purposes, rather then the nation's.

For instance, we prefer "multiculturalism" to denote the harmonious coexistence of cultures that we suggested earlier, but that is no longer possible. The word's meaning has been extended and is now so loaded with antagonism and militancy as to overshadow any other interpretation. The same holds, to a somewhat lesser degree, for "diversity."
What they come to share is that they attack and seek to widen identity.

Here Ault is not arguing against diversity, but rather in favor of a stronger sense of unified national identity. He recognizes that diverse populations built America, but would remind readers that there must remain an America, at the end.

"What seems called for now is for a small group of concerned private citizens with high personal and professional credibility and viability," he says, "to form a national group dedicated to the analysis and improvement of our government/policies."

About the author

Bromwell Ault is a political observer and analysis with no ties - personal or financial - to either major American political party. Ault is a retired business man with a marketing background who has worked in the energy (wind, solar, petroleum, mixed alcohols), financial services and venture capital sectors. He was a co-founder of the Venture Capital Corp. of America and continues to serve as a special limited partner.

He is a political independent, having been equally disappointed by both major political parties, and is deeply concerned by the deterioration of our government, the widespread corruption throughout our society and the consequent failure of many of our most basic institutions to protect those for whose protection they were created.

Mr. Ault's concern for the state of our nation, its people and its politics became so strong that in 2003 he founded the Center for Public Conscience and began writing a quarterly subscription letter entitled Matters of Conscience that commented on our failure to address serious ethical, economic, social, political, cultural and environmental issues.

Mr. Ault was born in 1927 in Cincinnati, OH and moved to NYC in 1930 where he grew up during the depression years. His education includes The Buckley School in NYC, Phillips Academy, Andover, MA and Yale University from which he received a BA degree in 1949.

In 1957, while the author was working in the advertising agency business in NYC, he wrote a book entitled A Retail Food Study (LaRoche & Co., NYC, 1957) which described the then revolution in food retailing whereby supermarkets were replacing small stores, both independent and chain, and becoming the dominant type of outlet. This book was privately printed and distributed in an edition of about 100 copies.

Mr. Ault has lived in Florida for the past 14 years.